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For 15 years, J. jordan & Associates LLC has specialized in conducting Focus Groups and One-on-One Assessments to help clients address Unconscious Biases within their target audiences. Our goal is to help you better understand the psychology behind the perceptions held by diverse groups, as they hear your case.   

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In the past, lawyers got real-life jury reactions due to case volume. Today, roughly 95% of all cases settle before trial.  Focus Groups allow legal counsel to test their theories without stepping into the courtroom. J. jordan & Associates offers:

  • Questionnaires and Voir Dire – As part of the Focus Group process, we utilize a variety of tools to collect data prior to participants hearing anything regarding the case.



Life Experiential

During Voir Dire, we use Reaction questionnaires, Issue questionnaires and Qualitative questionnaires. These fact-finding mediums will allow your legal team to ascertain the strength of potential legal tactics and make changes accordingly.


  • Focus Groups - Used to simulate the results from Mock Trials, utilizing the same information and techniques, conserving time and expenses. This tactic is most effective to assess the case overall, to better determine liabilities and damages, crucial witness testimony and to ascertain the best themes and strategy.


  • Deliberations – Macro and Micro. Focus Groups allow the flexibility to break down the larger sample group into smaller deliberation groups. These micro-groups then discuss the issues and come to conclusions based on the parameters set forth. These groups can be recorded for the client and used in case preparation.


  • Mock Trial – When called for, this tactic can be an excellent way to test the stressors that occur during trial. It is an excellent resource to present and re-present the case without repercussions. Your Mock Trial can help you better anticipate and prepare for:

    • Voir dire

    • Opening statements

    • Closing arguments

    • Effectiveness of your witness pool



One-on-one Assessments – Individual conversations with persons from specific demographics. This tactic allows for understanding the individual psychology of the "juror", while still being part of the larger pool. 

Is your  argument broad enough, while also being specific enough to reach individual  jurors and their biases?

“There is only one mistake that an attorney can make in conducting focus groups and that is not doing them.  Anytime we can observe others’ perception of our case, it is a valuable experience.  It provides us an opportunity to tell our client’s story creatively and spontaneously and listen to the response without worry of a permanent and possibly adverse decision. "

J. Jude Basile, Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College, President