J. jordan & Associates LLC

J. jordan & Associates specializes in positioning majority owned companies to maximize their ability to hire, support and promote the best minority candidates and contract with the most capable minority vendors.  As part of our process, we internally and externally market the accomplishments of our clients as they graduate along the diversity continuum. 

Talent Recruitment:

The firm can identify and recruit premier diverse candidates to your organization. We strive to provide responsive client service that allows us to partner with the client and candidate to find the best talent solution. We utilize business networks that have been forged over decades, both locally and nationally, to bring the right people to the right environments.

Supplier Diversity:

The firm believe that corporate diversity and inclusion does work, if the process is both fluid and pervasive. Our team of supplier diversity strategists has decades of experience in solving your supplier dilemmas.

List of Other Services:

  • Coaching
  • Community Liaison
  • EEOC Compliance
  • Large and Small Group Presentations
  • Minority Recruitment and Retention
  • Policy and Practice Review
  • Professional Assessments
  • Procurement from qualified and certified minority-owned vendors